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I'm so excited you are here, and truthfully a little terrified as I take on this new chapter!! I thought first I should explain a bit about my reasons for writing and intentions behind the stories.

I do have certifications in Health Coaching and Yoga, but I don’t want this blog to be super scientific; if scientific at all. I want it to be about helping others through information and personal experiences.

Of course I'll include subjects like healthy eating, meditation, yoga, etc., that's what I do!!  But I also want to be real and raw and post some personal stories that show my failures as well as my successes.

It's important to me that my readers know they are not alone in their struggles.  It’s OK to fail as long as you keep trying. I want to show that no one (even coaches) are infallible. 

Let's face it, blogs, social media and the internet in general can be frustrating for those of us fighting to stay afloat.  But if you look in the right places it can also bring enlightenment, hope and direction. 

As I listen to clients, family and friends it's evident that many of us share the same fears and uncertainties.  I cant help but feel that if I read stories I could relate to earlier, I would have realized that I wasn't alone much sooner.

On these pages you will find personal stories that show failures and triumphs in health, wellness and life.  I hope to make you laugh, cry, but most of all inspire you to keep going. 

As you read you may identify and you may not.  But I'll write anyway. 

If I can reach and help just one person, my time was well spent.

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